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Posted on: September 24, 2009

First of all, let me say that I believe in the Party Human.

There is a fad current in society telling us that, to have fun, one must be a Party Animal. Whole movies and countless commercials have been built upon this theme. Nearly every mammal in Hollywood has claimed to be “The Ultimate” or “The Original” Party Animal. Just who (or what) is this illustrious beastie we have heard so much about?

 Party Animal Party Animal

Is the esteemed Party Animal particularly intelligent? Is he/she–or, rather, it–creative or unique? Is it accomplished or talented? Does it have a truly joyful, successful life? Does it have high standards of ethics and integrity? Does it even have a well-rounded personality? (Are you laughing yet?)

Of course, the Party Animal is none of these things. It seems to be a brainless mess concocted of equal parts sloth, gluttony, lust and the inane desire to be constantly under the control of one or more behavior-altering chemicals. Hardly the ideal we should strive to become! Clearly, if we must “party”–and there are legitimate reasons for doing so–then we should at least party like human beings.

Man is a social animal, but that does not mean that he should behave like an animal at socials. A Party Human, rather, will use parties as a vehicle to exercise his creativity, to improve himself and even to learn new things. To spend time with our friends, to meet new people and, yes–to have fun–is certainly not wrong and, indeed, quite right, when done with order and intelligence and not placed too high on the list of priorities in life.

To all of you who want to be a Party Human but who have yet to acquire the skills needed for “throwing a party,” this blog is dedicated.


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