Ideas for the Party Human

Basic Idea: Capture-the-Flag Party

Posted on: January 6, 2010

            This is a unique party idea that can be used with endless variations, only five of which I will describe in future posts.  This type of party will succeed best with teenagers or young adults who are imaginative and dramatically oriented.  An ideal group might be a Thespians’ Club or a number of avid readers and/or would-be writers who are particularly interested in a certain genre, such as one of the variations listed below.  The more creative and uninhibited the guests are, the more fun this party will be.

            This party is based on a game called “Capture the Flag,” which, stated simply, works something like this:  There are two teams, each of which has its own “headquarters” and “flag” (or other symbolic item).  The object is to steal the flag from the other team’s headquarters–without being tagged–and bring it to the players’ own headquarters.  When a player is tagged, he is either put in “prison” or made to become a member of the other team.  Generally, one team sends several players out to create diversions–chasing and tagging, etc.–while one or more players attempt to capture the coveted flag.  Of course, a guard always remains at the “home” headquarters to protect their own flag.  When one team is successful in the above-stated object, that team wins.

            This basic format for play is enhanced with a theme variation and any extra rules you, as the host or hostess,  may wish to invent.  Amplify the theme chosen by using appropriate costumes, props and setting.  In the following posts, I will share examples of five variations on this theme:  Fantasy, Medieval, Western, Mystery and Science Fiction.  Other variations could come from any period in history, whenever there are two well-identified opposing sides, such as Yankees and Confederates, Revolutionaries and Redcoats, Gangsters and Police, etc.  Or, use some purely fictional enemies found in literature.  The key is to choose a theme that the guests are keenly interested in, so they will be more likely to let their imaginations take fire.


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