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Posted on: January 11, 2010

     Another variation on the Capture-The-Flag Party–

THEME:  The wild, wild west; Cowboys and Indians or Good Guys and Outlaws

INVITATIONS:  If you choose the Cowboys and Indians motif, you could write invitations on paper and tie them around arrows to send to the cowboys.  For all other invitations, tie message around a rock.  Hand-deliver or leave on doorsteps.  Use appropriate language in the invitation, and ask guests to dress according to their given identities.  You may also ask them to bring food for the supper.  (Again, use horses only if most of the guests are quite familiar with them.)  This is a good theme for teens and young adults.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Similar to the versions previously described:  Large area of varied terrain; symbolic items such as a peace-pipe or headdress for Native Americans, a cowboy hat or flag or mailbag for the “good guys,” and a bank bag of play money for the outlaws; shelters at each team’s headquarters, if desired, such as tents, tepees, huts or covered wagons; horses and saddles, if desired; any other props desired, such as rope, toy guns, neckerchiefs, toy bows and arrows, etc.; long table(s) and chairs.

FOOD:  Should be typical western fare–hearty stew, biscuits, baked or fried potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, etc.   Sarsaparilla would be great for a beverage.  Serve watermelon or apple pie for dessert.  If possible, you should cook the meal over a campfire (or in a Dutch oven in the hot coals).  Try to round up tin mess-kits for the guests to eat on.  (Aluminum pie plates will work, too.)

DECORATIONS:  Cover the dinner table with a red checkered cloth, with perhaps a western-style arrangement of dried flowers for a centerpiece.  Set up a good campfire, and a chuckwagon to serve the food from would be very effective.  If you use horses, decorate the Indian’s horses with feathers, blankets and beads.  Be sure to have a place to stake them with plenty of food and water.

BLOW-BY-BLOW:         Follow the same format as in the posted variations:  The guests form teams and introduce their characters; the teams choose leaders; you, as host, present each leader with his team’s symbolic item and explain the motives of the conflict between teams.  You then delineate the division of the area and give each team an equal number of horses (if desired). 

            The teams set off, with ten to fifteen minutes to set up their stomping grounds and work out their plans.  The play continues on wit and creativity until one team takes possession of the symbolic item of the other or the specified amount of time is up.  The guests are then called to the dinner table by a cowbell or triangle, make peace (a pretense of smoking the peace pipe might be enacted between Cowboys and Indians) and boast of their brave deeds as they eat the “chow” provided.


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