Ideas for the Party Human


Posted on: January 12, 2010

     Though this party has some things in common with the Mystery Mansion Party, the activity format is based on the Capture-The-Flag Party posted earlier.

THEME:  Secret agents, international intelligence and espionagesecret agent

INVITATIONS:  If the guest list is very small, the invitations can be rather elaborate, imitating the “Mission:  Impossible” television show.  Inside a plain manila mailing envelope, you could include an audio-cassette tape giving the details of the party (“mission”), a photograph of the host and/or the party area, and a paper with the guest’s given character described in code.  You should also include the key to the code or at least a clue about how to decipher it.  (The two opposing teams could be CIA and KGB, or some similar organizations.)  The tape will not “self-destruct,” but you can request that the guest return it to you when  he or she arrives at the party.

            If the guest list is long enough to make the above invitations impractical, then a simple coded message would suffice.  Check out a book at your local library for descriptions of many different ways to encode a message.  Some ideas are:  Ciphers, such as the Civil War Cipher or an alphabet box; Braille; a scrambled message; invisible inks, etc.  Whatever you use, be sure to follow up in case a guest was unable to decipher the invitation!  This party is best for teen and young adults.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Similar to the versions posted earlier:  Large area of varied terrain or a large building with several floors and many rooms; symbolic items such as secret papers or blueprints, secret (toy) weapons, etc.; any other props desired, such as rope, toy guns or other weapons, disguises, play money, walkie talkies, binoculars, listening devices, etc.; long table(s) and chairs.

FOOD:  The meal should be fairly high-class; perhaps you might serve some foreign delicacies.  Use your most elegant china and set the table as for an important banquet of state. 

DECORATIONS:  Whether the party is held indoors or outdoors, you will probably need nothing more than an elegant table setting.

 BLOW-BY-BLOW:         Follow the same format as in the variations posted earlier.  The conflict between the two teams might involve something like obtaining important secret papers or retrieving stolen blueprints.  At the end of the “game,” a treaty is signed, and the banquet is served.  Perhaps helpers in appropriate costumes might act as waiters and waitresses.


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