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Lawn Party

Posted on: January 23, 2010

THEME:  Field games

INVITATIONS:  On the outside of the invitation, place a picture of an old-time garden party with the words:  “In days gone by, a lawn party was the height of gentility, but today . . .”  Inside, put a picture of kids playing football, or some other such physical game, with the words:  “. . . things are not quite so civilized!”  Give the necessary information and be sure to tell the guests to wear “grubbies,” as some of the lawn at this lawn party might wind up on their clothes.  You might also ask them to bring sports equipment, such as footballs, etc.  This game would be best for teenagers or young single adults.  If the party is coed, you should plan games that are a little less physical so as not to invite injury.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  A large grassy area; equipment to play desired outdoor games, such as football, volleyball and net, soccer ball and goals, etc.; movie video and player, if desired, or materials to play desired quiet games.

FOOD:  Keep them refreshing.  A good, cold punch is a must, but you might also like to have make-your-own banana splits (homemade ice cream would be super) or some kind of frozen ice cream sandwich bars.  Or, serve a fruity sherbet or sorbet with light, crunchy cookies like gingersnaps or snickerdoodles.  Keep a cooler of water bottles on ice handy.

DECORATIONS:  None needed, but some outdoor lighting might be desirable.  If bugs are a problem, citronella candles or buckets might be helpful.

 BLOW-BY-BLOW:         As guests arrive, you (the hostess) divide them into teams for any team games that will be played.  For instance, the activities might begin with games like Football, Prison Dodgeball or other team games.  These could be followed with games like Tackle! and British Bulldog.  As it begins to get dark, the guests may enjoy Ghost in the Graveyard, Kick the Can or Hide and Seek.  To cool down, they might finished by sitting in a circle in the grass and playing Murder or Gossip.  

            At this point, everyone retires to the house for refreshments and relaxes with a movie or quiet games.

Variations and Comments:  The games should be chosen with consideration of the guests–whether this party is just for “the guys,” “the girls” or the whole gang.  Rough games like tackle Football or Tackle! probably should not be played at a coed gathering (although I did it when I was young).

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