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A Better Easter Egg Hunt

Posted on: March 30, 2010

THEME:  Easter, Spring

INVITATIONS:  The simplest would be egg-shaped pieces of colored paper with the message written on them.  However, you could also write on hard-boiled eggs with a fine-tipped marking pen or hide a message inside a hollow plastic egg.  Whether you are inviting children in the family, friends of your children, or children in the neighborhood, you will probably want to ask them to bring their own baskets.  You should also inform them as to alternate plans in case of rain.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Decorated, hard-boiled eggs in the amount desired; baskets, if needed; hollow plastic eggs, if desired; jelly beans or other candy, if desired; slips of paper with scriptural references about Easter or pictures of Jesus Christ, if desired; prizes, if desired.

FOOD:  If the party is simply for some children, you might like to give them each a chocolate bunny or some such thing as a treat before they leave.  Or, you might like to give them hot cross buns, bunny-shaped sweet rolls or frosted cut-out cookies with some chocolate milk as a snack after the hunt. 

            One thing our family has enjoyed doing on the Saturday before Easter is getting all the relatives together for a brunch.  The adults enjoy visiting and watching the children hunt for eggs either before or after the meal.  Some of our favorite recipes for this event are Breakfast Casserole, Quiche Lorraine, Cheese Blintzes, Fruit Party Pizza, Potato Casserole, French Breakfast Puffs and Grandma Prengel’s Crumb Cake.  Nutbreads and juices are good choices also.

DECORATIONS:  Since the egg hunt is usually done outside, you may like to tie balloons, bows and flowers on the shrubbery and trees.  Hang a lovely spring wreath on the front door.  If you are doing something indoors, such as having the brunch for relatives, you may like to set out other Easter decorations.  The little, wooly-covered wooden sheep that are so popular in country decorating are quite appropriate now.  You can deck them out further by adding a tiny bow or flower around their necks.  Lots of fragrant, fresh flowers, attractively arranged will add to the Spring atmosphere.  Also, an “Easter Tree” might make a delightful centerpiece.  Generally, this is a gnarly branch painted white and anchored in a board or pot.  In an episode of “The Home Show” in March 1991, Dian Thomas gave some tips for fun decorations for an Easter tree.  She suggested saving your broken eggshells, washing them and letting them dry.  When dry, glue a small ribbon “handle” in each one to form a sort of basket to hang on the tree.  In the basket, you can make a tiny baby chick with two yellow pompoms, some felt and craft eyes.  Another idea is to blow out some eggs and wrap small ribbons around them like Christmas ornaments.   Final touches can be added by simply gluing small bows and silk flowers to the branches.  You can even purchase a string of “Easter lights,” if desired.  (A string of your plain white Christmas ones might work just as well.)

 BLOW-BY-BLOW:            You can organize this Easter egg hunt in any way you like, but here are some ideas and tips you might want to try:

            If you have children of varying ages participating, color an equal amount of eggs for each age group in different colors.  Tell each age group to look only for eggs of the color you have assigned to them.  This way the older children will leave the eggs hidden in “easy” places for the younger children to find.  For a special treat, hide hollow plastic eggs filled with jelly beans or other candy along with the regular eggs.

            To add a little spiritual significance to the event, write scripture references about the events leading up to the Resurrection on hard-boiled eggs or slips of paper tucked in plastic eggs.  When all the eggs are found, have the children read aloud the scriptures in order.  You could also put small pictures of Christ inside eggs, as well as hanging some on the walls of your house.

"He Is Risen" by Greg Olson

            Be sure you know the exact number of eggs hidden, so you won’t find some months later by following your nose!

            Try making it a treasure hunt, writing the clues on the eggs.

                                                                          * * *


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