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Posted on: July 16, 2013

Back-to-Back Race (T, A)–Set a goal line at 25, 50 or 75 yards.  Choose partners, then have each couple stand back to back.  Have them hook their arms together.  Line them up, and at the signal they must make their ways to the goal line, one running forward while his partner runs backward.  After crossing the goal line, they must return, positions reversed.  The first pair across the starting line wins.

Balloon Bust (C, T)–Tie an inflated balloon to the ankle of each participant.  Then the participants try to break the balloons of the other guests by stepping on them, while protecting their own.  The last one left with a balloon is the winner.

balloonsBalloon Race (E)–Give each contestant a ping-pong paddle and an inflated balloon.  On a signal to go, they must bat the balloons through the air to a designated goal and back to the starting line.  If a balloon falls to the ground the player must pick it up and bat it into the air again.

There are several variations to this game.  1.  You could use fans instead of paddles.  2.  You could use brooms and sweep the balloons along the floor.  3.  You could play it as a relay, with teams instead of individual contestants.

Bear Hunting (YC, C, T)–Blindfold two players and place one at either end of a long table.  At the signal to go, they begin to move around the table, each trying to catch the other.  Each player must stay within touching distance of the table.  Absolute silence on the part of audience and hunters is necessary.

Beast and Guard (C)–Choose one player to be some sort of beast (use an animal name that will go with your theme) and another to be his guard.  The beast sits on a chair in the middle of a circle of players.  The guard stands near him, holding on to his chair.  Players in the circle try to tap the beast on the knee, hands, shoulder, etc., without being touched by the guard.  The guard must keep one hand on the chair, but he can move all around it.  When a player is touched by the guard, he must take the beast’s place.  When all have had a chance at being the beast, the last one becomes the guard and chooses a new beast.

Bicycle Polo (C, T, A)–A team consists of four players, each riding a bicycle.  Similar to regular polo, the players try to drive a solid rubber ball into a goal using croquet mallets.  You may call fouls for acts of deliberate charging or ramming, etc.  The players may not touch the ball with their hands.

Blind Leapfrog (C, T, YA)–Divide the contestants into teams of an equal number and blindfold each player.  Every “frog” must leap over everyone in front of him, and the first team through wins.

Blindtown (C)–Set limits and blindfold all players except one.  Scatter the players about the playing area.  The player who is not blindfolded carries a bell which he must ring continuously, while the blindfolded players try to find and catch him.  The player who catches the “bellman” gets the bell for the next round.

Bogeyman (YC)–Choose one child to be the Bogeyman.  He stands at one end of the playing area.  The other children line up at the opposite end.  The Bogeyman steps out and calls, “Are you afraid of the Bogeyman?”  At this point, the other children run toward the Bogeyman’s side, and he tries to tag them.  The players tagged must go with the Bogeyman to the opposite side and help him catch the rest of the runners on their return trip.  The last player caught becomes the new Bogeyman.

Bucket Jousting (C, A)–You will need two buckets of equal size and two mops.  Opponents stand on the upside down buckets and try to cause the other contestant to lose balance and fall off the bucket.  Use the same method of thrusting as in canoe tilting, i.e. the jouster cannot take a swing; hitting any part of the body other than the torso or arms is a foul.

Bull in the Ring (YC, C)–Players hold hands and form a ring around one who is chosen to be the “bull.”  The bull tries to break through by rushing, lunging or pulling.  The bull may not duck under the players’ arms.  If he escapes, the players chase him; whoever catches him becomes the bull next.  (Supervision may be necessary to make sure the bull doesn’t get too rough and cause injury.)

A close variation is called “Bear in the Net.”  The formation is the same, and the object of the game is the same, except that the bear is allowed to duck under or plunge over the extended arms of the players in the ring.

Buried Treasure (C, T, YA)–Divide the group into two teams.  Designate an area for each team to operate in, each totally out of sight from the other.  Then send the teams on their way, giving each a treasure chest to bury or hide within the given area.  They are not allowed to bury the treasure deeper than six inches.  After each team has had a chance to hide its treasure, have them exchange locales and see which team can find the other’s buried treasure first.


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