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And More Active Games . . .

Posted on: July 17, 2013

Cat and Rat (YC, C)–The players stand in a circle, holding hands.  One player inside the circle is the “Rat,” and another player outside the circle is the “Cat.”  The Cat tries to catch the Rat.  Players help the Rat and hinder the Cat by raising or lowering their arms and not allowing the Cat to break through the circle.  If the Cat catches the Rat, he may then choose a new Cat and Rat.

Circle Touch Ball (C, T)–The players form a circle around one player, who is “It.”  Players in the circle stand two or three feet apart and pass a playing ball–such as a basketball, volleyball or beach ball–around the circle randomly, while It tries to touch the ball.  If It succeeds, the player who had the ball, or last had the ball, will now be It.  The players, of course, try to keep the ball away from It and may use all sorts of methods to confuse It.

A variation is Circle Catch Ball, where the players use a smaller ball, and It must catch the ball, rather than merely touch it.

Cooling the Cotton (E)–You will need a large package of cotton balls; a folded paper “fan” for each player; and something to mark a central circle with, such as a rope, chalk or tape.  Divide players into two teams, placing one team at each end of the room, facing the center.  Mark a circle in the center of the floor, about three feet in diameter or larger if the party is large.  Scatter the cotton balls around in the circle.  At a signal, the players run to the center and try to fan the cotton balls across the opponents’ field to the goal line.  They must also try to keep their opponents from fanning balls to their goal line.  The cotton balls should not be touched by fan or any part of the body.  If a player does so, he fouls out of the game.  Allow about five minutes for the game.  Each cotton ball fanned across the goal is worth five points.

Cotton Ball Race (C, T, A)–Place a number of small cotton balls in a large bowl in the center of a table.  The contestants are seated around the table, blindfolded, each with a small bowl and a soup spoon.  Each player is to try to get an many of those cotton balls as he can into his own bowl.  He must hold onto his bowl with one hand and his spoon with the other hand at all times.  No one may “check” to see if he actually has a cotton ball on his spoon.  At the end of a specified amount of time, the contestant with the most cotton balls in his bowl is the winner.

Cowboys and Indians (YC, C)–Divide the children into two even teams.  The “Cowboys” go into the “woods” and “fall asleep,” leaving one Cowboy to stand watch.  The “Indians” hide in the bushes, behind trees, etc. and furtively approach the Cowboys.  If they can tag a cowboy before he gets up, he is captured.  But, if the cowboy guard sees them, he calls out, “The Indians are coming!”  The cowboys then get up and run after the Indians, trying to tag them before they get back to their “wigwams.”  Every Indian captured becomes a cowboy.  Then reverse the game, letting the Indians go to sleep while the cowboys sneak up on them.

The group names can be changed to fit almost any party theme.


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These are so great! I’m loving the active games! We’re always looking for activities like this!! Thanx!

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