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Why am I writing a blog on creative parties?  Years ago, I thought I should write a book on the subject, which I did.  This blog is the publishing of that book (and more) in serial form.  Following is my motivation.

There once was a young girl suffered from an inferiority complex and a grave lack of self-confidence, which made her feel tongue-tied and boring around people she didn’t know well, or in large groups. But, deep down, she always had a feeling that she really was a fun person, if people could get to know her. Despairing of this ever happening, she often fell into periods of depression.

This girl came from a close-knit family, where she felt loved and appreciated.   Her family saw her as bright, talented and witty.  But, as is true with most adolescents, it was the esteem of her peers that she valued.   She often wished that her peers could see her this way, in her “natural habitat,” so to speak. I suspect that she was not the only teenager who ever felt this way.

When her best friend talked the girl into having a Christmas party, she was skeptical of its success. She soon found, however, that she was a “born hostess,” a trait that she inherited from her gracious mother. The party was a great success, and the girl’s acquaintances saw her in a new light, as someone who could be fun and interesting!

Well, this girl threw herself into party-giving and soon gained a reputation in the group that she usually invited to her soirees. She used her fertile imagination to create parties that were original, different from the basic music-and-food gatherings she had found so boring. She made her guests work a little–dress in costumes, bring objects to use in activities, show some originality–and they seemed to find this stimulating. She also set out to prove that a young person could have a great deal of fun without any help from alcohol or drugs. Her guests came from varied backgrounds, but they appreciated the high standards of her parties.

When her sister was old enough to become involved, the two girls often teamed up to produce even more ingenious events. The “Prengel Sisters” became known for their frequent and unique parties. Their parents also were great assets, supporting them with encouragement, suggestions, food, and even playing dramatic roles on occasion. The teenage years of these girls became filled with fond memories of wholesome good times.

This is not a remarkable tale, to be sure. It could probably fit many young people today, with few alterations. And, if only the first part of the story fit, then it’s very possible to make the rest happen too, if desired. I know this, because this is my story.

Now that my sister and I are grown, we have used these experiences to help us in the responsibilities of our adult life, whether for church groups, our children, work associates, or friends. And, we believe there are endless amounts of ideas still out there, waiting to be organized.

I am writing this blog for those youths who, like me, want to let their true personalities shine through in a wholesome environment where they feel comfortable, and also to create lasting memories.  But I am also writing this blog for anyone who can find it useful–the young parents wanting to give parties for their little children, youth leaders who feel they are running out of ideas for activities, the church activities committees who need suggestions they can adapt for church socials, the singles organizations which hope to entice some of their members out to an activity, teenagers who don’t feel comfortable at parties their peers give, the prominent adults who are expected to host parties but want to avoid the cocktail scene, and many more.

Here’s hoping I can stimulate some creative imaginations out there to come up with even more ideas (which I would love to hear about). Happy Partying!


4 Responses to "About"

Can’t wait to see what the future of this site holds!!!

You’re welcome to send in descriptions of parties you’ve planned! Share, share!

Mom!! I love it!! I am so proud!! you are so clever and you make me laugh!! OH I LOVE YOU!!!!

Okay, I admit, I am the younger sister! Yes, Rebecca and I have lots of great memories and even more great ideas. This is the perfect avenue to share our experiences and hope to find fellow friends in the party planning arena. As always, I’m going to tag along and help where I can. Great start Sis!

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