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THEME:  Art, Painting

INVITATIONS:  Shaped like an artist’s palette, with splashes of color.  Tell guests to bring an old shirt of their parent’s to use as a painting smock.  (This party is good for kids aged 4-7.)

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Large roll of butcher paper, strapping or duck tape, old newspapers or tarp, paint brushes for each guest, plenty of poster paints in bright colors, large plastic cups or small buckets to rinse brushes, prizes or awards, scissors.

FOOD:  Birthday cake can be any flavor, round and decorated like an artist’s palette, with splotches of colored frosting.  Use tutti frutti ice cream, rainbow sherbet, or any colorful flavor.  Drink pink lemonade or colorful punch.

DECORATIONS:  None needed.  Kid’s paintings will be decor.    


Young Artist


BLOW-BY-BLOW:            When the young guests arrive at the party, you (the parent) lead them around to the back fence (or back wall of house) where a long piece of large butcher paper is hung (with strapping tape).  They remove shoes and socks, don old shirts, and you give them brushes, water to rinse them in, and poster paints.  (Old newspapers or tarp can be put down to protect the lawn or deck.) 

            The guests can work together to create a mural (older children) or paint their own individual little masterpieces.  Allow them to paint as long as they are all interested in it.  Then march them off to the sinks for cleaning up, while the parent judges make their decisions.  (Presents can be opened at this time, if desired.)  The children sit on the grass and eat the cake and ice cream (or some more artistic refreshment), and then the awards are given.  The judges take care to give each child a prize for a different quality (Most Circular Lines, Best Use of Red, etc.).  The head judge announcing the awards wears a French beret and talks in an amusing French accent (“C’est magnifique!”).  Allow the children to take home their portion of the painting, if desired.  Be sure to take lots of pictures.  The guests then go home, having satiated their creative urges for at least an afternoon.

 Variations and Comments:  Something similar can be done with older children when you have a job to be done, like whitewashing the fence Tom-Sawyer-style.

            When we were teenagers, our church youth group was given the service project of painting several buildings in our town which were being restored.  Local merchants donated the paint.  We kids had a lot of fun, and that is one service project we will long remember.


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