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THEME:  Honeymoon destination

INVITATIONS:  If the happy couple will be honeymooning in Hawaii, for instance, you can use that as the theme.  Shape the invitation like a pineapple, and suggest that the guests bring a gift suitable for taking on the honeymoon trip.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Materials for games  or activities desired (see below for suggestions); prizes, if desired, such as fresh pineapples or plastic leis for a Hawaii honeymoon theme; large trash bag; paper and pencil. 

FOOD:  Serve food from the location of the honeymoon.  For instance, to indicate a Hawaiian honeymoon, serve a huge fresh fruit salad in a hollowed-out watermelon, and an exotic tropical punch.

DECORATIONS:  Decorate like the honeymoon destination, using travel posters, souvenirs, etc.  For the Hawaiian honeymoon example, try to create an island atmosphere, using some of the ideas for the Hawaiian Luau party in an earlier post.

 BLOW-BY-BLOW:    After the guests have arrived, deposited their gifts and been introduced to each other, you’ll want to play a few fun games. 

            For the Hawaii Shower (as an example of the honeymoon-place theme), you might use the Hawaiian word game found in the description of the Hawaiian Luau (earlier post).  Another word game is the old children’s game, “I’m Going On a Trip.” For this version, each guest would have to think of an item that would be appropriate to take on a honeymoon trip to Hawaii, in alphabetical order, of course.  (They might be called upon to defend some of their choices!)  You might also try the Hula Contest from the Hawaiian Luau party, or any of the games from the Indoor Beach Party (earlier post, see archives).  Award prizes, if desired. 

            After the games, it’s time to open the gifts.  Be sure to record who gave the bride-to-be what.       When the gifts are all opened, you can serve the refreshments, and you might want to show  slides or a travel video showcasing Hawaii while everyone eats, to help the bride get excited for her trip.


THEME: Treasure hunt for gifts

INVITATIONS: Cut invitations in the shape of a treasure chest, with a lid that opens up to reveal the message. Let the guests know that they need to arrive earlier than the bride-to-be, so the gifts may be well hidden by the time she arrives.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES: Large trunk or box; clues (see below for suggestions); large trash bag; pad of paper and pencil.

FOOD: One idea is to make a large sheet cake and decorate the top to look like a treasure map of the journey through life. Various points on the map could be labelled with short phrases like “Wedding Day,” “First Child Born,” “First Home Bought,” etc. Small plastic figures appropriate to these phrases could be placed at those particular points (such as a bride and groom, baby, house, etc.). Instead of mints or nuts, you could fill a dish with gold foil-covered chocolate coins for the guests to sample.

DECORATIONS: Try to create a tropical island atmosphere. Use decorating ideas from the Hawaiian Luau and perhaps the Pirate Party.

BLOW-BY-BLOW:     As directed, the guests arrive early, and you (the hostess) hide the gifts in a large trunk or box in a pre-chosen place. You then set up a trail of clues (usually little notes written in rhyme) hidden as in the usual method for a treasure hunt. Some sample clues might read:

Straight up the stairs

In the bedroom ahead

You’ll find information

(Look under the bed!).”

The card found under the bed might read:

Pinned on a tree

In the yard down below

You’ll see some directions

About where to go.”

The card on the tree will hold another message leading to another clue, and so forth and so on. The last clue, sitting atop the trunk holding the presents, might read something like this:

“Just like this hunt

Your marriage will be,

Some ups and downs

And uncertainty.

Hold on to the end,

And you’ll see it’s true

That success comes only

By following through.”

You may elect to invite the groom-to-be to help his fianceé find her way to the treasure. When the guest(s) of honor arrive(s), make sure everyone is acquainted, then give the bride-to-be the first clue and explain that she’s going to have to work a little for her presents. The guests then follow the bride-to-be from place to place as she reads the clues aloud, but they give her no help! When she reaches the “treasure,” they gather round to watch her open the gifts. Be sure to have a recorder and let everyone admire each gift, then finish with refreshments.

* * *

     Now we come to Chapter Four of my party book:  Holiday Themes, Showers and Anniversaries.      

            For many of us, parties connote celebrations for special times.  Somehow a holiday or milestone event is made more memorable by festivities shared with friends and loved ones.  For this reason, I have dedicated this chapter to celebrations uniquely suited to holidays, showers and anniversaries.  In the party descriptions that follow, you will find a wide variety of offerings.  Some events are for family gatherings, some for teens or young single adults, others for couples.  Each party, however, can usually be adapted easily to fit any kind of group.

            Starting with Valentine’s Day, Iwill take you through a year of creative holiday parties, followed by descriptions of bridal and baby showers and wedding anniversary celebrations.  Again, I would be happy to hear from you about some of your unique, special celebrations.

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