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THEME:  The Future

INVITATIONS:  These should have a spacey, ultramodern look.  You could do something simple, like a cutout of a spaceship decorated with glitter.  Or, you could get more inventive and try unusual materials or different media, such as audio or video cassettes, computer disks or electronic mail.  Watch some sci-fi shows to get ideas.  Use high-tech language to give details.  Pick a year sometime in the future and substitute it for the current year when you give the date.  Ask guests to dress the way they think fashions will look in that year.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  A box of common contemporary objects found around the house (such as toothpaste, pencils, paper sacks, etc.), a different item for each guest; paper and drawing supplies, such as crayons, pencils, markers, colored pencils, etc.; table or clipboards or other hard surfaces for guests to use for drawing; prizes, if desired; recordings of ultramodern music as well as popular music; numbered tags to pin on guests (a different number for each).

FOOD:  If hearty food is desired, provide every imaginable sandwich fixin’ possible and let the guests create their own space-age sandwiches.  If mere refreshments are required, go for the creative and unusual.  Try creating your own newfangled candies or cookies in strange shapes.  Also cut bite-sized pieces of fruits and vegetables in interesting shapes and serve on toothpicks with appropriate dips.  Concoct a party punch of an unusual color, such as blue, and serve in plastic cups wrapped in foil or colored cellophane.  Or, ask guests to get in on the creative act and bring their own future-fantasy hors d’oevres.

     This party would work well for teens or young adults.

DECORATIONS:  You can really let your imagination soar with this.  Watch a few sci-fi films, if you like, to get the ideas flowing.  Start with aerospace, technology or science posters.  Then experiment with different lighting techniques, swathes of fabrics (draperies, sheets, blankets, etc.), cardboard boxes and spare parts.  If you’re real ambitious, you can even recreate a set from a science-fiction film or television show.  If you own some hi-tech equipment, show it off.  The future’s the limit, so break away from the norm and try unusual angles and color combinations.  Do things with plastic, modeling clay, building blocks, erector sets, foil or colored cellophane.  Anything goes when no one knows what the future will truly be like.

 BLOW-BY-BLOW:    As guests arrive in the future, you (the host or hostess)  make introductions and run an impromptu fashion show to display the fantasy creations they are wearing.  Seat the guests and give each one a different common household item, along with paper and drawing supplies.  Ask everyone to design a futuristic look for his or her particular item.  For instance, if the party theme year is 2099, a guest with a toothbrush will design–on paper–the toothbrush of the year 2099.  Award prizes, if desired.

            Next, you give out the number tags–even numbers for ladies, odd numbers for gents–and the guests pin them on their sleeves.  This event will be a dance contest of the future, so ask the guests to improvise futuristic dance steps to the space-age music.  You and some helpers will act as judges and call out four numbers at a time (two odd, two even).  The guests wearing those numbers come to the center of the floor and dance for two minutes; then new numbers are called, and the judging continues in this manner until everyone has had a chance to dance.  You then award prizes for Most Creative Dance, Most Stylish, Best Suited to Music, etc.

            Now everyone breaks for refreshments, after which they finish out the evening by dancing to the “oldies” (current hits).

 Variations and Comments:  An alternative to the drawing game might be a contest to design completely new inventions for the future.  These might be done on paper, or with modeling clay, Tinker toys, snap-fit blocks, construction paper, etc.  Each guest would have to tell what his invention was, how it was supposed to work and what it was supposed to do. 

            Another idea might be to hand out the common household items and ask the guests to pretend they are archaeologists of the year       .  They are to analyze these objects from the “past” and write a summary of what they believed the “ancients” did with them.

            An artistic group of guests might enjoy creating ultramodern art as another activity.

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