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THEME:  High-school (or college) graduation, memories

INVITATIONS:  One idea is to make up fake, diploma-like documents on parchment paper, rolled and sealed or tied with a ribbon.  Inside, use typical wording for announcing the achievement of the graduate, mentioning the degree and that the person named is now “entitled to all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto, chief of which is the ultimate party of the year, to be held at . . .” etc., etc.  The invitation should specify that guests will need swimsuits and towels, and they may be asked to bring items of food as well. 

            This party is geared toward the teen-age friends of the hosting high-school graduate, but it might be adapted to celebrate a college graduation, as well.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Pool or lake for swimming; equipment to play various water games desired; other outdoor games, such as volleyball, basketball, badminton, or croquet; barbecue grill; paper and pencil for each guest; individual awards for each guest (paper and ribbon badges); deck or clear area for a dance floor; stereo and popular music for dancing; board games, if desired.

FOOD:  Teenagers usually enjoy something a little different, so instead of barbecuing the usual hamburgers and hot dogs, why not try make-your-own shish-kebabs?  (If you’re on a tight budget, you can use chunks of hot dogs instead of steak or lamb.)  Set out plenty of skewers, meat (tender beef cuts should be marinated or partially pre-cooked) cubes, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, small onions, strips of partially cooked bacon, green pepper chunks, pineapple chunks, or whatever you like.  Have barbecue or marinating sauces to brush over the meat and vegetables while grilling.

            Also, have plenty of soda-pop buried in a cooler full of ice.  Other items could include chips and dips, cheese and crackers, fruit salad or fruit pizza, potato salad, soft rolls or croissants.  For dessert, you could have make-your-own banana splits or a special graduation cake served with homemade ice cream.

DECORATIONS:  Since this party is mainly held outdoors, you probably won’t need to do any elaborate decorating.  Perhaps a congratulations banner, maybe some balloons in the colors of the hosting graduate’s alma mater.  Stay with the color scheme with the paper products, also.  Try hanging some Japanese lanterns or use other festive outdoor lighting.  Perhaps some floating candles reflecting in the pool would add a nice touch to the poolside dancing.

 BLOW-BY-BLOW:         When the guests arrive, the first thing they head for is the pool.  Those not interested in swimming can play volleyball, badminton or some other outdoor game.  In the pool, various water sports may be played. 

            After the guests tire of physical activity, it’s time for the food.  They make their own kebabs and grill them, as well as sampling the other dishes.

            When everyone is full, the hosting graduate hands out paper and pencils.  The guests are instructed to write down the names of everyone present and what they think each one might be doing in ten years.  This is a fun, silly activity which allows for some good laughs when the predictions are shared. 

            The hosting graduate then announces that she has some awards to give out.  When she reads off each award, she may explain a little of  the background for it.  (For instance, one award might be the “Gilligan’s Island” Best Fan Award, given to a person who used to spend every afternoon watching re-runs of that particular series.)  The awards are personalized and tend to bring back fun memories.  Each recipient must wear his or her badge for the rest of the evening. 

            This might also be a good time to pass around yearbooks or autograph books for everyone to sign, an activity that can be continuous throughout the evening.  And, while that is going on, the stereo begins to play popular music, and the guests so inclined may dance on the deck for as long as they wish.  Parents have declared that this is one party that, though chaperoned, doesn’t have to end early. 

            At some time during the dancing, the hosting graduate brings out the dessert for a nice break.  The guests enjoy making their own banana splits or cutting a special cake.  The dancing then continues, and, if the music runs out, the remaining guests may enjoy some classic games, such as Monopoly or Uno.

 Variations and Comments:  This party is a fun alternative to the dangerous “traditional” graduation parties which generally feature little besides alcohol.  The chaperoning adults need not be in the way nor “spoil” anything for the teens, as long as they merely remain awake and aware of the proceedings.

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