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THEME:  Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang, Comic Strip

Peanuts Gang

Peanuts Gang

INVITATIONS:  Paste pictures of the Peanuts Gang cut from the Sunday paper on colored construction paper for a simple invitation.  Ask each child to come as his favorite Peanuts character.  This party would work well for children aged 5-9.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  1-2 lbs. of peanuts in the shell; small paper sacks; materials to play Pin the Kite on the Tree or Pin the Nose on Snoopy; enough chairs for all guests; plain newsprint; crayons; prizes (if wanted) and favors such as peanut brittle, chocolate-covered peanuts, chewy peanut-shaped candy, popcorn balls, Peanuts comic books, Peanuts coloring books or Snoopy favors.

FOOD:  Perhaps you could make a cake in the shape of a doghouse and put a Snoopy figure on top of it.  Or, you could put Peanuts figures on top of a plain, frosted sheet cake.  Other ideas might be a kite-shaped cake or one cut to resemble a peanut.  Drink lemonade and serve the birthday child’s favorite ice cream as well.  If you serve a luncheon, peanut butter sandwiches and popcorn would work well.

DECORATIONS:  Cardboard cutouts of Peanut characters and crepe paper streamers would be simple but effective decorations.  Stuffed Snoopy dogs could be set around the party room as well.

BLOW-BY-BLOW:             As the children arrive, they enjoy introducing themselves as the characters they are impersonating.  Then the party begins with a Peanut Search.  You (the parent) have hidden peanuts in the shell around the party area.  On a signal, the children hunt for the peanuts, keeping their finds in little paper sacks.  The one who finds the most may be awarded a prize.

            Next, guests take a peanut from their sacks to use in the Peanut Push. Mark starting and finishing lines on the floor with tape.  All the children put their peanuts on the starting line and, getting down on their hands and knees, race to the finish line, pushing their peanuts along the floor with their noses.  The first player to push his peanut across the finish line wins.

            The next game is a variation of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey.”   For Pin the Kite on the Tree, you will need a large drawing of a tree with one scraggly-looking branch sticking out, as well as enough construction-paper kites for all the children, push pins or double-sided tape, and a blindfold.  The guest who sticks the kite most nearly on the scraggly branch wins.  For Pin the Nose on Snoopy, the play is the same, with a large drawing of Snoopy without a nose and enough black paper noses for all the children.  The guest who puts his nose closest to the correct place wins.

            Musical Chairs is a fun game to play next.  

            Now the children can calm down and eat the refreshments.  After they are done, give them  paper and crayons to create their own Peanut cartoons until their parents arrive to take them home.

 Variations and Comments:        For older children, a quick game of softball outdoors could be substituted for the Musical Chairs, if desired.


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