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     This party is meant for older, school-aged children.  To adapt it for a non-birthday event, simply remove the cake and gifts.  

 THEME:  Any;  perhaps kidnapping itself

INVITATIONS:  This is one party where the guests should not receive a “hard invitation.”  In fact, the intended guests should not receive an invitation at all!  The ones who will need all the information are the parents of the guests, usually the mothers.  The hostess should give notes to the parents explaining that the slumber party is to be a surprise for the guests and they are to know nothing about it.  The hostess will “kidnap” them at a certain date and time, and the parents are to make sure that the children are home and available, and also to have overnight bags packed and sleeping bags ready for their children.  It is very important that the parents “R.S.V.P.” for this type of party, and the hostess should probably call to remind them just before the time of “kidnaping.”  This party can easily be adapted for either boys or girls, of ages nine through about 14.

MATERIALS FOR ACTIVITIES:  Car and driver to “kidnap” and transport “victims” to the party house; any board games desired and/or materials for whatever games are wanted; movie video and player, if needed.

FOOD:  For a fun dinner, you might have make-your-own Piccolo Pizzas (mini-pizzas made on flattened refrigerator biscuits, with sauce and toppings), salad, soft garlic bread sticks and root beer.  Cake and ice cream should be whatever the birthday child requests.  Have late night snacks available, such as popcorn, chips, dips, crackers, cookies or candy.  Keep the breakfast simple but nutritious;  serve something like an Orange Julius-type drink and scrambled eggs, or an omelet full of goodies along with hot muffins, or a fruit plate with dip and a Breakfast Cookie.  (Will post recipes later.)

DECORATIONS:  None are necessary, but the room where the “slumbering” will take place should be decorated however the birthday child desires.  Balloons and streamers always make a party look like fun from the outset.

BLOW-BY-BLOW:             Before the party day, the birthday child and you (the parent[s]) sit[s] down and choose activities for the party, according to the child’s age and interests.  A mixture of active games, quiet games, and board games is generally more successful than lots of one type of game.  (Will post games later.)

            At the appointed time for the kidnaping, you drive the birthday child around to the guests’ homes, picking up the surprised children.  (See Variations and Comments below for suggestions on ways to do this.)  When they reach the final destination, the guests find a place to put their things and then enjoy making their own miniature pizzas with a variety of provided toppings.  After dinner, the children play some active indoor games before taking a break to lay out their sleeping bags and change into p.j.’s.  Serve cake and ice cream at this time.  Judging from the mood of the guests, you may provide some board games or other quiet games, or just allow the kids time to gab.  As the night wears on, the guests snack on other treats and finish up by watching a great movie video.

            In the morning, the children get their things together and have breakfast before they return to their homes.

 Variations and Comments:        This type of party can be adapted to fit any age.  For boys or older kids, the “kidnaping” might be staged with masks, toy weapons and ropes; or the kidnappers might simply sneak up on the “victim” and put a cloth bag or pillowcase over his head, tying his hands so he will not know the identity of his kidnappers until he gets to the party.  This is especially effective if the party setup is reversed and the friends are kidnaping the “guest of honor” for a surprise party. 

            We have also seen a variation called the “Kidnap Breakfast.”  In this version, the “victims” are “kidnapped” early in the morning–usually from their beds–and taken in their pajamas to some public restaurant for breakfast.  (McDonald’s is used to strange things like this!)  On the way, there is usually a “Chinese Fire Drill” or two, where the car stops at a stop sign and the passengers get out, run around it and get back in again (not to be tried in heavy traffic!).  This type of outing is especially popular with teenagers.

We had four daughters, and we have learned by sad experience that some rules make for better experiences with slumber parties.  First of all, make sure adults will be in the home at all times.  Second, we had to limit the number of girls invited to the slumber parties, and the number we chose was three.  There might be special exceptions to this rule, but it made for more peace and a better time for all the girls.  Third, we told them they had to be in their beds by midnight.  They didn’t have to be asleep, but they had to be in their beds.  This allowed for them to get some sleep, though they usually were still worthless the next day.  You don’t have to adopt these same rules, of course, but give the principles some thought.


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